Publishing Performance

At Ascender, we’re industry leaders in data-driven digital publishing. By evaluating against key metrics, we create content that informs, entertains and engages audiences. High-powered content performance starts here.

Technology, data and creativity combine to build engaged audiences

  • Tech

    The revolution begins now

    Our tools are built for scale, clarity and efficiency. Bespoke and cutting edge, our tech adapts to new media landscapes – and defines the moment.

  • Data

    Deep insights, maximum performance

    Understanding audiences and delivering results. Our analysts bring rigorous thinking and decades of experience to data-first decisionmaking.

  • Creativity

    Ideas-driven methodology

    Content that matters for audiences who love it. Our creative team brings the smarts and the insight to create unmissable content, every time.

Growing audiences and increase your advertising yield

We know how to connect with audiences and build your brand with consumers, delivering content in the right place and at the right time. That means maximum ad revenue and maximum brand exposure.

  • Consult

    Living in your brand’s skin

    Across our portfolio of titles, we bring brand voices to life. Our chameleonic content means we live in your world, with your audience.

  • Audit

    Laser-targeting your opportunities

    With expert analysis and bespoke technology, we identify your top targets and strategically build towards them. Your goals, your results.

  • Improve

    Optimising your output

    We deliver a suite of performance optimisations to help achieve your short and long-term goals, with our signature, systematic approach.

Our network
of titles

Reaching an audience of 1 Million+ users every day

We know our content approach works – because our process proves it. Our network of existing titles provides a platform for your voice and an exciting launching pad for new ideas and strategies.

  • Relationship Surgery is our leading site for relationship advice and self-improvement. With content ranging from the fun and chatty to the intriguingly introspective, we’re all about how we connect with each other.

Industry veterans and ambitious, new-generation experts.

Our team puts content first, with long-term strategies and models that support creative thinking. We’re an exciting hive mind that brings verve to both simple and complex campaigns.

  • Oliver Jones


    Oliver boasts an extensive and impressive track record of developing brands and properties in the social sphere, alongside devising effective strategies to amplify content production and asset monetization for similar businesses. With over 12 years of experience, he has excelled in cultivating audiences, fostering fan engagement and forging robust networks of thriving content platforms.

  • James Light


    As the Chief Data Officer, James manages and leverages data as a strategic asset to drive business outcomes. With extensive experience in the data and analytics space, he excels in devising and implementing data-driven strategies, building high-performance teams, and delivering insights that inform business decisions and growth.

  • James Lilley


    James possesses a strong track record in content writing and data analysis, and plays a crucial role in our operations as an overseer. He ensures that we deliver on our commitments to clients and partners, from initial scope definition to final execution. James is responsible for driving efficiency across all aspects of our operations, including social property development and media buying, and is instrumental in shaping our growth trajectory.

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